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    Monkey Mind Calendar Management

    Finally, there is a calendar management program built specifically for Event Promoters, Booking Agents, and Band Managers.

    As the booking agent for my own band, I needed a more robust calendar than Google Calendar, but I didn't need a full blown project manager for each individual gig. Monkey Mind Manager fills that void. I built it for my own needs, and now I want to share it with you.

    What makes it different:

    • Create lists of tasks (timelines) that you can customize for your needs and reuse them on multiple events.
    • Apply those timelines to events and the calendar populates with all the tasks-saving tons of time.
    • Assign tasks to individual team (or band) members and they will be notified automatically.
    • Get the tasks via email - they can even be marked as completed via email. No need to even log in!

Monkey Mind Manager Screenshots

Monkey Mind Manager is a web-based Calendar and To-Do organiser that makes it easier to stay on top of multiple events simultaneously.

Features Include:

Unique Timeline Feature
Timelines are to-do lists that span days, weeks, or months before and after an event. Create a timeline once, and reuse it on multiple events. Now you can avoid entering the same to-do items in your calendar again and again.

Manage Your Team's To-Do Items
Add up to ten team (or band) members and assign to-do items to them from within Monkey Mind Manager. You can easily see what has and has not been completed.

Mark To-Do Items Completed Via Email
A very exciting feature - Set a Daily Agenda sendout time for you and any team member, and your daily to-do items will be emailed directly to you. Click the link within the email, and your to-do items are automatically moved to the "completed" calendar. No need to even log in.

Support for Multiple Timezones
This feature won't apply to everyone, but to those that need it-this is invaluable. You can assign a different timezone to each team member independantly. So if you want a team member to complete a task at 6 AM in India, you just put 6AM, and the calendar takes care of all the conversions.

Import, Export, and Share Timelines
Join a community of interesting people who have created timelines for many diverse needs. Need a timeline to mail presents internationally and have them arrive on time? Want a timeline to promote a regional Friday Afternoon concert? Share your own, or import timelines & tweak them for your needs.

We Listen To Your Feature Requests
We are continually adding new features. We base our development on users needs and requests and we look forward to continuing to offer cutting edge event management solutions. We are not just open to ideas-we crave them. Tell us how we can serve you better!

Excellent Customer Support
We know that getting your questions answered quickly and courteously is important both when migrating to a new system, and once you have committed to the software. Help is never far away. We are easy to reach and we're always happy to help.